Printer Service & Repair

Convenient Printer Services for Your Business near Fort Lauderdale


Even with a rise in paperless initiatives to cut costs and enhance sustainability, the printer is an essential piece of equipment in any office environment. Therefore, a malfunctioning printer could be a big nuisance in your daily operations. If you are experiencing issues with your office printer in Fort Lauderdale, Rapid Printer Solutions can offer same-day repair services that will let you get back to your routine right away. We can also provide regular maintenance service to extend the life of your hardware and reduce malfunctions that could hold back your company’s efficiency.

Common Printer Problems

There is a wide range of potential problems that a laser printer could present in your office. From failure to print documents to distorted pages, there are many reasons you might call us for service to get your printer back up and running. When you do encounter any of these issues—which are discussed in further detail below—you will want to rely on a professional for repairs rather than trying to fix problems yourself. This will ensure that the problem is solved in a timely manner for good so that you can eliminate any future periods of having your printer offline and get back to daily activities right away.

  • Slow Printing – To eliminate the impracticality of plugging directly into the printer every time you need to print a document, your office printer is probably on your wireless network. Unfortunately, wireless printing can cause a slow performance when the router is not an adequate model to support Wi-Fi printing or you have firmware that is out of date. If you are experiencing a slow performance out of your printer, it can likely be corrected by changes to your wireless setup.
  • Poor Print Quality – There are many different types of distortion that can occur in laser printers, and these issues might be related to the toner, the paper, or the printer itself. When documents are printing with strange lines, fuzzy print, or variable print density, calling a professional will be the best way to get to the source of the problem right away.
  • Software Incompatibility – If the printer simply won’t print or documents keep getting sent to the wrong printing device, a software issue is a probable source of the problem.

Printer Service in Fort Lauderdale

At Rapid Printer Solutions, we offer same-day repair services for all major laser printer brands, including HP, Xerox, Canon, Lexmark, Brother, and Oki. If you are in need of service or maintenance for your office printer, contact us today to discuss the best solution for your printing needs.