Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions About Printers & Printing Supplies in Fort Lauderdale

Question #1: I’m constantly having to pay for new toner and fixing various problems that my laser printers have throughout the office. This creates additional expenses that I did not plan for. What kind of a program do you have to help me keep my breakdowns to a minimum and my costs fixed so I know exactly what I’m going to pay each month, regardless how many breakdowns I have or how much my staff prints?

Answer: We have programs to fit every need at any size company and every budget. We can set you up with a flat-rate program with a high monthly page allowance that will take care of all your breakdowns, repairs, replacement costs and supplies. All for one low monthly price.

Question #2: I’m tired of having to wait for a service technician that never shows up. Then when they do finally show up, they don’t fix the problem and they still want to charge me. How can I avoid that?

Answer: We guarantee same day/next day service. Typically with any service call that comes in before noon, we will do our best to have your printer repaired the same day. Any call that comes in after noon, will be serviced next day. Not every problem can be fixed on every call. We do have a one-hour minimum charge, but we will not leave you without a solution to your problem, such as a replacement printer or a loaner while we’re waiting for a part.

Question #3: In the past, we’ve had issues with compatible toners leaking and making a mess of our printers. How can I be guaranteed your toners won’t do the same?

Answer: We have partnered with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry and we live and die by the quality of our product. All said, a guarantee is typically worth about as much as the paper it is written on. Our product guarantee is second to none. If for any reason your printer fails because of a faulty toner, we will replace it immediately FREE OF CHARGE! If the toner makes a mess inside your printer, we will clean it up, or replace the printer at our cost! That is our guarantee to you!

Question #4: Whenever I purchase a printer I usually just go to a local big box store. I wait for a sale and just pick up something nice and cheap. What makes Rapid Printer Solutions better?

Answer: We do not, nor have we ever wanted to be “the cheap guys”. Typically, in business you get what you pay for. Spending hours searching on line for what you think is the perfect printer and then sending one of your employees (or yourself) to the store to pick it up, then install it, then run back to the store because you didn’t realize that it only came with low volume starter cartridges. Rapid Printer Solutions is the way to go if you prefer to outsoure the services needed - in turn, allowing you to focus that extra time on your employees' & business' needs.