Why Choose Rapid Printer Solutions?

Posted on Feb 4, 2016 9:53:00 AM

Many small businesses either buy their laser printers online or from a local Big Box Store. The problem with that is that your options & extras are extremely limited. Most online purchases and Office Supply stores offer product only. Sure, they may offer you that extra deal on an extended warranty as you checkout, but most people don’t even realize what they’re buying. Sure they may get a “somewhat limited” extended warranty, but what does that warranty really provide? What type of warranty do you really have? How limited is it? Is it by phone only? Do you have on-site coverage? Can you return the printer if it fails? How long do you have to wait in order to get a replacement? If it is limited coverage, will you have to pay a fee if a replacement is necessary? What happens if your model is no longer available when you have to get a replacement? Do they give you a better, or more current model? What about the hundreds you spent on consumables like toner or drums? Can they be installed in your replacement unit? If not, can you return the product and get credit for the money you spent? HIPPA Certified fort lauderdale

Most online and Big Box stores do not offer onsite repair services, printer installations or leasing options. Same-Day service, or possibly Same-Hour service may not even be in their vocabulary.

Let’s get real - Business owners neither want to spend hours and hours searching for office printers, nor do they want to send one of their paid personnel out to search. In the end, what results will they achieve? Will they get the right models with the right functionality? Will the supplies that they need for the printer they selected even be available when they’re ready to purchase? Many manufacturers are very aggressive with new product lines. Often times they’ll get new printer models out in the marketplace without having adequate supplies for these units. What happens in these cases is a business owner gets stuck and may not even be able to print for a period because supplies are in high demand, but in limited supply in the marketplace.

Why choose Rapid Printer Solutions? To use a quote from one of our customers, it’s because we’re “Simple, Easy & Reliable”. Here’s what we can do:

  • Same/Next day Laser printer repair
  • Printer setup and installation
  • Same/Next Day toner supplies with FREE delivery
  • Printer leasing options available such as $1.00 and FMV (Fair Market Value) buyouts.
  • We carry a complete line of Toners, drums and fusers and can source most any repair part
  • We have monthly printer leasing for as low as $59 a month!
  • We’re local and always available. We come to you!

Our team of highly talented (and HIPAA Certified) technicians are ready to respond to your printer emergencies. We look forward to serving your printing needs and seek to earn your trust.

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