How Do Printers Work?

Posted on May 13, 2016 3:05:00 PM

While you might use an office printer in Fort Lauderdale every day, you might not completely understand exactly how laser printers work. Knowing how your office’s laser printer operates will help you determine when it is in need of printer services, new printer parts, or printer repairs. Take a look at this information about how laser printers work, and you can possibly avoid a printer malfunction. office printer fort lauderdale

How the Basic Parts of a Laser Printer Operate

It’s important to understand the basic printer parts that work together in a laser printer to receive information from your computer and print that information on a page. A laser printer is made up of a drum, fusers, printer controller, and laser scanning assembly. A corona wire inside the laser printer applies a positive charge to the drum, causing it to begin revolving. As the drum revolves, the laser shines across its surface, discharging the electrical current on certain points of the drum. This creates electrostatic images of letters to be printed. After these electrostatic images are created, the printer coats the drum with printer toner. As the paper passes through the fuser, the printer toner is heated and fused to the paper.

How the Printer Controller Communicates with the Computer

The laser printer controller receives data from your computer that dictates what electrostatic images it will create. The laser printer controller is basically a small computer itself, and it uses a communications port to connect to your computer network and share information. Your computer and laser printer communicate in a very specific, complex page description language.

How the Laser Creates Words on the Drum

Once the laser printer controller receives data from the computer, it knows how to set up the page to be printed. This includes text margins, fonts, graphics, letters, and words. This data is broken down into a series of dots that are used by the laser components to write on the printer drum. As the laser beam moves across the drum, it emits a pulse of light for each dot, and no pulse for empty spaces.

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